Friday, May 19, 2006

On Tattoos

People are sometimes surprised I have tattoos. The people that know me really well aren't surprised I have them. When people I meet find out (since they are hidden) I get that 'YOU?' thing. My family is pretty conservative. I'm the only one that has one in my immediate family. My husband would never get one, nor does he like them much.

I love tattoos. I have 2 small ones and one kind of big one. I watch Miami Ink and Inked on A&E. There is an artform to it that I appreciate but more importantly they just make sense to me to have them. Al feels the exact opposite. He doesn't 'get' them the same way I don't 'get' piercings. I think part of it is creative and part is identity. It's nothing unique to have a tattoo--lots of people have them, but what you choose and where you place them is a unique and permanent reminder of who you are--whether that is good or bad. I got my first tattoo at 23 in Hawaii on vacation with Sivi and Pam--small blue morning glory with green flowers on my inner left ankle. It took about 10 minutes tops. I still love it but it's small. I guess it's a good way to start out but getting them tiny doesn't make sense. If you are going to do it--DO IT. My 2nd tattoo I got on my 26th birthday in San Jose at Dragon Tattoo. Outline of a butterfly with tiny hearts on the wings. Took about 5 minutes--it hurt but it was very short so it went fast. It's just ok. I love the placement but I should have done it bigger and with more color. Then I got the outline of a sun (forget how hold I was but it was before I was married) on my lower back (in San Francisco, forget the name of the place, the guy who tattooed me was named Lucky!) went with Vic and Emil right after I picked them up from the airport. Took about 20 minutes but it felt numb. That one bothered me a lot--it was too small and I wanted color but wasn't sure to get more because Al doesn't like tattoos. Eventually the desire to get one won over. What's great is Al understands it's who I am. So that was that!

I was inspired by my good friend, Donna Raines to get my sun tattoo updated. She has the most incredible art tattooed on her back...koi fish, water, cherry blossoms. It's really beautiful.

So...for my 9th wedding anniversary I went to Folsom City Ink (with neighbor Tracy) and decided to update the sun. Originally went in thinking I would get a fairy. I have this thing for ethereal things with wings: fairies, angels, butterflies, birds, cherubs, unicorns (yeah, I know, I know--but I do!)...the tattoo artist's book had these awesome all made sense. Change the sun to a flower and have the birds on either side. They represent Al and James. Those tattoos took 2 hours and 20 minutes. And it HURT. A lot! But it was worth it. And Tracy and I had a great time! I love the people that work in and go to tattoo places. They are the most fun and open, non-judgemental and fun people I have met.

I'm not sure the latest addition will be my last, but if I get another one I'm sure it will be part of who I am like the others are. Rock on friends!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

First Blog: Rants and Raves from the burbs...

I thought this would be a good place for rants and raves and all that stuff that you (I mean, me) want to get out. I was born and raised in San Jose way before it became the tech mecca. It just got too big and too much for me. I had to get out! So we moved to El Dorado Hills back in 2003. I work for a great co that allows me to telecommute full time. Living in the burbs is great but can be boring as hell. Luckily I've found great, strong women friends to relate to and hang out with. Plus it's a great place and community to raise a family. And let's face it, once you have a kid it's ALL about the family. (sounds like Sopranos)

I'm starting this blog to rant and to keep in touch with all my Bay Area friends (mainly give family updates) and with my friends that have moved all over. It's also a place to vent--get ready--I can be very opinionated and yes, judgemental. If you don't like it, don't read it. Seriously.

I'll get back on now and again to share my unsolicited ten cents. BTW, that photo of me in the profile is old. It's with my beloved beagle Bo about 4 years ago. I had to include Bo in this!